Engagement, Wentwood Forest

Wentwood forest engagement shoot

For their engagement shoot, I took Michael & Roxy to one of my absolute favourite places; Wentwood forest. The forest covers such a large area you could walk a different stretch every visit and never get bored. Wentwood is an ancient woodland however tragically during the first world war the wood was felled to provide timber for the trenches and in replacement they planted conifers.

Since purchasing Wentwood, the Woodland Trust have thinned the conifers and have been restoring the ancient woodlands to its former glory with the wood now having a great diversity of native trees; beech, ash, yew, birch and oak to name a few. Wentwood has got views over the Severn estuary and it really is beautiful all year round with a fairytale feel in the winter with moss covered floors, bluebells in spring, lush greens in the summer and vibrant mushrooms to be spotted in the autumn.

Our visit to Wentwood was in its summertime bloom with an explosion of green hues. We took a walk through the woodland with me swooning over the dappled light through the trees and on the way out we hit the jackpot of engagement shoot backdrops; the iconic cornfield – being careful to stay on the tracks already there of course! I love a good cornfield, it just makes for that perfect country-romance image and these two made it easy to get some great photos. Congratulations both – very excited to photograph your wedding celebrations at the lovely Rookery Manor very soon!

Location: Wentwood forest woodland, Newport. https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/visiting-woods/woods/wentwood/

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Engagement shoot Forest Documentary Wedding Photographer

Engagement shoot Forest Documentary Wedding Photographer

Forest Documentary Wedding Photographer