Couples shoot – Allt-yr-yn Nature Reserve

The brave Hayley & Rhys had their couple shoot in the Allt-yr-yn nature reserve in Newport in the depths of winter. Although, it really is beautiful in all seasons, walk through and you’ll get to see ferns in the woodlands in all their glorious shades as the weather turns. We started off on the road at Ridgeway, then wound down through the woodlands and into what would be a wild flower meadow in the summer time. Equally lovely was the autumnal colours of the bracken at this time of the year. The wild flowers really are stunning in the summer and make for a great backdrop for photographs; yellow rattle, wild orchids and Himalayan balsam. To go off on a nature tangent, Himalayan balsam, although has a very pretty pink flower, is invasive. As my Dad would say it needs pulling up as they kill and prevent native species from growing. They are great for a dreamy photo though!

Thanks for bracing the December weather, Hayley & Rhys! Love it when a couple are so dedicated to capturing some great moments that a walk in the December fog won’t stop them!

Location: Allt-yr-yn nature reserve.–Parks/Wildlife-walks/Allt-yr-yn-local-nature-reserve.aspx

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