Reunion photo-shoot

Reunion photo-shoot

What’s included?

  • A one-hour photo shoot with a minimum of 60 edited photos downloadable from an online gallery – £150

The location of the shoot is up to you; your favourite walking spot, your back garden or whichever covid-safe location you prefer. This is a great way to record and celebrate the historic reunions between you and your loved ones that you’ve been desperate to cuddle for the last year. To make the most of the shoot, you might want to plan it as a surprise so that I can capture some real joy and excitement – especially if grandparents and relatives are meeting new babies for the first time!

Things to consider:

I will be running these reunion shoots only once the government has allowed outside meet ups of this kind and I’ll be taking all the necessary covid safe precautions dictated at the time of the shoot.

Currently I am only offering this within 30 miles of Newport.

Get in touch:

Get in touch and I’d love to help you plan that special moment to celebrate the end of lockdown.


phone: 07812070877