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More than likely if you’re here it’s because you love the outdoors as much as me. Having an abundance of gorgeous leafy green on your wedding day is not just visually stunning but a lovely reflection of you both. Whether you’re avid hikers, stand-up-paddle boarders, coastal path walkers, happy campers, surfers or simply like to get out in your local park. I’m here for it & ready to embrace the outdoors with you!

In my opinion, there’s nothing more beautiful than an outdoor ceremony in the United Kingdom! We have such stunning countryside with it’s lush greens that are, of course, thanks to the fact it rains so much. As long as there’s the tiniest bit of blue sky on your wedding day, we’ll run with it! I massively appreciate any couple willing to get their walking boots on (under the dress) to get that shot!

Outdoor wedding ceremonies in Wales & the UK

Thankfully the UK has now fully embraced outdoor ceremonies making them official. No need to follow up with a legal tying-of-the-knot at the registry office. Making the outdoor experience even more beautiful & important!

Being outdoors in general is so essential to keeping our heads’ happy. We are only now realising how much it does impact our mental health. And if you find yourself a little stressed on the day (which lets face it, is a real possibility) then having a quiet breather in nature with your new hubby/wife can have a real calming effect. You get to really take in the moment together breathing in all that leafy goodness. I normally schedule a moment away from the rest of the wedding party so you can do exactly that & we can capture some authentic moments in the environment we love best. I’m down-to-earth & easy-going and promise I’ll work with the trees to help you feel zen on the day!

There’s no wedding that I don’t love to be a part of. But it’s even sweeter if those moments are surrounded by the natural beauty of our environment. Woodland weddings are my absolute favourite but I’m not prejudice when it comes to outdoor nuptials. Pop me a message and share all your exciting outdoor wedding plans with me!

Outdoor Woodland Wedding Photographer

Outdoor Woodland Wedding Photographer